Meet the trainers at K-9 Behavior Services.
K-9 Behavior Services employs the most impressive list of trainers than any other company in the world, with accolades that are unmatched. The success and growth of the company speaks multitudes in an industry full of fluff and made up qualifications.

K-9 Behavior Services is comprised of one of the most impressive groups of protection dog trainers in the world! This page is designed for you to take a look into the lives, goals, dreams, and accomplishments of some of the most successful protection dog trainers in the world. From trainers like Jeremy Talamantes, who owns and runs the largest protection dog training ranch in America, and who is a certified French Ring decoy, one of the most difficult decoy certifications to pass, to Stephanie O'Brien, who has competed at the highest levels in French Ring, and who has imported and bred some of the most influential Malinois' in America to date, such as the world famous Malinois, Byrak and the world famous Malinois, Rodin.

K-9 Behavior Services' trainers specialize in.
Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, French Ring, Civil Protection Dogs, Police Dogs, and raising and training Green Dogs.

The company is proud to offer, with world renowned Schutzhund trainer in Germany, Isabell Schafer, Schutzhund Titled German Shepherd Dogs, including BH, Schutzhund 1, Schutzhund 2, and Schutzhund 3 German Shepherd Dogs, Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. Isabell has actually titled her dogs in the Korung. The Korung is a very difficult temperament test that few trainers have the skill or confidence to attempt.

French Ring and Mondio Ring dogs are also offered. These two dog sports are not easy, they are both a testament to the dog and his trainer. The higher levels, such as French Ring 2 and French Ring 3, and Mondio Ring 2 and Mondio Ring 3, are much more difficult and usually require exceptional dogs.

A special relationship with law enforcement.
K-9 Behavior Services has a strong professional relationship with police and law enforcement agencies such as the California Department of Corrections. Relationships such as these, show the professionalism, dedication, and versatility that runs through the life blood of the company and it's trainers. References from the regional K-9 director of  the California Department of Corrections and multiple corrections officers are available upon request to serious buyers only.

A special and discreet relationship with celebrities.
K-9 Behavior Services also has it's celebrity clientele. From celebs such as Eddie Murphy, Dr. Dre, Charlie Sheen, Joel Madden & Nicole Richie, Rockmond Dunbar, Mia Michaels, Jon Peters, and Tana Amen, to name a few. Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O'Brien, shown on the home page if this website with Charley Sheen at his private estate in Beverly Hills, are known for being able to train, handle, and provide the most well trained protection dogs that can perform any time and anywhere, much like what you will be looking for from your trained protection dog. From many years of working in the Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Burbank, and surrounding areas, with a unique understanding of what high profile clients require, the company is very discrete with celebrity client private information.

The authority on dog aggression.
K-9 Behavior Services is also known for being the authority when it comes to dog aggression. Through their many years of protection dog training, they have learned unique ways of handling, minimizing, and managing many different types of aggression in dogs. As seen on the home page of this website with America's heart throb, Dr. Travis Stork, of the nationally syndicated, 'The Doctors' television show.

As you can see through the accomplishments and recognition of this company, to work with K-9 Behavior Services is nothing less than working with the best of the best in the protection dog business!

Meet The Trainers:
Jeremy Talamantes
Owner, Southern California
~K-9 Behavior Services- Owner
~K-9 Assistance Services, Inc. Nonprofit 501(c)(3)- President, Founder
~Du Chenil de Loucyn- Vice President- Trainer- Training Decoy
~Los Angeles Ring Club (NARA Recognized)- President- Training Decoy
~North American Ring Association-Certified French Ring Decoy
~North American Ring Association- Member In Good Standing
~North American Ring Association- Board of  Directors- Western Zone Representative- 2009-2010
~Southern California Malinois Ringsport Club- Training Decoy- 2004-2009
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Stephanie O'Brien
Southern California, New York
~K-9 Behavior Services- Lead Trainer
~K-9 Assistance Services, Inc. Nonprofit 501(c)(3)- Training Director
~Du Chenil de Loucyn- President, Founder- Trainer- Training Decoy
~North American Ring Association- Member In Good Standing
~North American Ring Association- High Level Competitor
~Los Angeles Ring Club (NARA Recognized)- Training Director
~Southern California Malinois Ringsport Club- Training Director- 2008-2009
~AKC Conformation Handler
~AKC Certified CGC Evaluator
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Isabell Schafer
Rheinberg, Germany
K-9 Behavior Services- Exclusive Schutzhund Trainer, German Shepherd Dog Importing
~DVG (DHV, VDH and FCI)- Member In Good Standing
~HSC Kempen- Member In Good Standing
~MV Duisburg Walsum- Aldenrade- Member In Good Standing
~DMC (Deutscher Malinois Club- German Malinois Club)- Member In Good Standing

About us.

K-9 Behavior Services is hands down, the leader in the protection dog business. There is no company in existence that matches the size and experience as this company does. With trainers in Los Angeles (Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County), San Francisco (Sacramento, San Francisco, and the Bay Area), New York (Long Island, New York City NYC, and Manhattan), and Germany (Rheinberg), the company is able to breed, procure, train, and import the highest caliber of dogs. With that said, you, the potential client, are always welcome to visit the exclusive K-9 Training Center in Los Angeles California and see these fantastic dogs and trainers in action.

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